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About FAR

  • Mission Statement

    The Mission of the Floral Association of the Rockies shall be to advance the sale and service of floral products and related items and to encourage their distribution, care and handling by marketing, promoting and educating the industry and the general public. And to promote integrity, professionalism, and comradery within the floral industry, while progressively addressing industry, technology and market trends.

  • By Laws

    We invite you to read our bylaws if you would like to, by downloading the official ByLaw document.

    Download FAR ByLaw Document
  • A Brief History

    The Wholesale Florists of Colorado (WFC) was founded in 1988 with the primary purpose of promoting the Wholesale industry in the state. The Colorado Retail Florists Association (CRFA) started under the umbrella of WFC through the initiative of a small group of industry-dedicated florists in 2001. This group agreed that there was a need and a viable atmosphere for joining together to promote friendships, education, and much needed industry communication within the Rocky Mountain Region. With the support of WFC, CRFA staged and hosted hands on workshops across the state and also became involved with Industry Expos and Home Shows.

    These two association served the retail and wholesale floral industry in Colorado until the Fall of 2008. At that time, the Board of Directors of the Wholesale Florists of Colorado (WFC) and the Colorado Retail Florists Association (CRFA) began investigating the feasibility of merging these two association into a new, expanded regional association.

    In response to the changes in the floral industry, the leaders of each association conducted a series of roundtable discussions. The concept of a new, merged organization was enthusiastically embraced. The Board of Directors of each organization voted and agreed to merge their retail, wholesale and allied members into a new regional organization entitled the Floral Association of the Rockies (FAR). The FAR Board of Directors was elected in November, 2008 and the association became fully functional on January 1, 2009.