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Jerrica Parks CPF of Boulder Blooms, one of our newest Certified Professional Florists:
"I was drawn to CPF because it is going to be a nationally recognized program. AIFD recommends starting with state certification. CPF is not just based on design concepts and skills. It covers merchandising, order taking, and training employees. My customers can count on it for quality control. Plus it's great for anyone who wants to meet and connect with industry peers."

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  • ~ Facebook Days by Cherrie Silverman AIFD, CPF, AAF
    Owner, Cherry Blossoms Florist ~ Chair, FAR Website Committee

    Our world is changing so fast, it's hard to keep up with the next thing. Facebook is THE communication medium of 2009, (and probably 2010)! I'll try to explain why I am so smitten with it. First, I have thought for the last few years, that our computer age has made us cold and impersonal. You can write anything you want from your keyboard, you could be totally anonymous. What social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter have done, have brought us back into the open, social world.

    At first, I didn't like it. I mean who cares what Joe Blow had for dinner. FAR's wonderful web designer, Vicki Jones, told me I had to care. Good thing that I have so much respect for her opinion. So, I gave it a go. It took me a while, but then I realized that I can keep in touch with friends from so far away. Dear friends, that I just don't have time or energy left at the end of the day for phone calls. I keep touch with them everyday. It's easy. A click onto Facebook, and the long lost reconnections are amazing. Facebook has created the age of reconnecting. I love this Facebook stuff. I'm feeling much more personal in an impersonal world.

    As for business, companies watch Facebook and Twitter. As our world gets smaller, our opinions now count. We are creating a transparent society, where everything is out in the open. Secretive and hidden agendas will go away. If companies want our business, they have to listen and respond to our wants, needs, and complaints. I know a florist from Philadelphia, whose cable was not working. He tried calling and was put on hold forever, with no outcome. He tweeted his complaint. Almost immediately, he got a phone call from an executive of the cable company and his problem was resolved. President Obama even announced Joe Biden as his running mate from a tweet.

    Change of procedures and habits is always a hard thing to accomplish. I have always tried to embrace change, keeps me young. Social networking is a good change. One that is important for your businesses. I'm still trying to figure out how to make it the best for my shop. I have had clients post their own pictures and comments on my Facebook page and I have captured a wedding from my Facebook page. And you know what, it cost nothing!!!! Only a little bit of my time and efforts. A win-win on all levels.

    Don't be afraid give it a try. A personal page is so easy that you can do it yourself. The business page is a little more complicated and you may need some help. If you are having difficulty setting up your Facebook page, Vicki can help you. She will charge you $35.00 and set it all up for you - a bargain, and it will be done correctly!

  • ~ 2009 FAR Annual Shop Tour A Great Success by Mary Ann Blood, Petals and Pearls
    30 FAR Florists, coming from as far away as Nebraska traveled to Associated Wholesale on Friday evening November 6th to hop on the Floral Bus and take a tour of some of the Denver area's amazing floral businesses. This year's tour was also a progressive dinner, featuring fantastic food and wine at each of the four stops.

    First stop was Associated Wholesale Florist, where Lehrer's Director of Wedding and Events Charles Martinez provided delicious hors d'oeuvres and a fascinating tour of the wholesale operation. Participants then hopped into the bus and vans and proceeded to Capelli Floral on Lousiana Ave. Even though we arrived after 7 pm, the area around Denise and John Capelli's shop was bustling with nightlife. Capelli Floral was even a stop on the First Friday ArtWalk for their area. So our florists enjoyed inspecting the contemporary displays of the Capelli's shop, as well as some really great art pieces. Denise's homemade soup was delicious, too!
    shop tour 2009
    Florists enjoy soup, salad, and art at Capelli Floral.

    On to LeGrue's, where tour participants were treated to a veritable feast for the eyes. Two floors of magnificent holiday displays. No paper plates at LeGrue's either. We sat at elegantly appointed round tables, each with a unique floral centerpiece, and ate our main course on china plates. We spent a lot of time at LeGrues's, there was a lot to look at! Alan, Fred, and staff, were extremely gracious hosts.

    Our last stop was east 17th Avenue, the newest site of Arthur William's Babylon Floral, where we stuffed ourselves on the most delectable bon bon's, lemon meringue tarts, and etc.

    Each Flower shop showed us the intricate details of making a business in itself in vastly differing ways. We learn, grow and bloom from every experience. We can take from each experience and build from it.

    A special "Thank You" to the FAR Education Committee; Robin Fischer CPF, Chair of the 2009 Shop Tour; Associated Wholesale, Capelli's Floral, LeGrue's and Babylon. The effort, thought and work coupled with time & expense that each of you put in to making this a success is greatly appreciated by all of us that attended.
    Click to see more pictures from the event on the FAR Facebook page.

  • ~ NAFA Highlights - 2009 Conference by Denise Capelli, AIFD, CPF, Capelli Floral ~ FAR President 2009

    (FAR Member - Suzie Carr - fifth from left.)
    I had a wonderful and proud experience at our NAFA ( National Alliance of Floral Associations) meeting in Arkansas. We had two full days of meetings to discuss important topics like "Order Gatherers" and the "In Lieu of Flowers." I have received so many wonderful ideas for florists in Colorado and look forward to bringing them to you in the future.

    Networking with other floral association executives from around the United States convinced me of what a great job FAR is doing to promote excellence in the floral industry in the Rocky Mountain Region. FAR's mini army of volunteers keep the cost of membership down, and we are providing so much quality education for you, our members, at a very low cost. I was very proud to represent FAR.

    We also discussed how to keep floral associations thriving through these difficult times. It is important that you stay involved in your Colorado Floral organization (FAR). Give us your feed back and let us know what we can do for you!

    I would also like to congratulate and thank Susie Carr AIFD for competing at NAFA's National Designer of the Year contest held in conjunction with the conference. Susie represented FAR, as a result of winning the 2009 Rocky Mountain Cup - the FAR Designer of the Year competition held last March. We are very proud of her.

    I look forward to seeing you and all the upcoming events next year!

  • ~ FAR Seats 2010 Board of Directors, Elects Officers by Bea Blanc AIFD, CPF, FlorEscence Occasions ~ 2009 FAR Secretary Treasurer
    The slate of nominees presented for the five positions up for election on the Floral Association of the Rockies Board of Directors was exciting, and our four new directors bring with them some very impressive credentials.
    Welcome to our newly elected directors:

    David Burkey, Owner, Arapahoe Floral, Englewood
    Cindy Hertz, Owner, The Plant Ranch, Arvada
    Charles Martinez, Director, Weddings and Events, Lehrer's, Denver
    Rick Morrisey, Regional Representative, Teleflora

    Mary Ann Blood, Petals and Pearls, Brighton, was re-elected to a second term on the FAR Board
    Remaining on the Board for 2010 are:
    President Elect Denise Fuller, Castle Rock Florist
    Vice President Elect and Membership Committee Chair, Mary Ann Blood, Petals and Pearls, Brighton
    Secretary Treasurer Bea Blanc AIFD, CPF, FlorEscence Occasions,Castle Rock
    Past President Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF, Capelli Floral, Denver
    Phillip Borrego, DWF, Denver
    Brad Golter, Longmont Florist
    Michael Kessler CPF, Emily Griffith School, Denver
    Education Committee Chair, Jerrica Park CPF, Boulder Blooms
    Cherrie Silverman AIFD, AAF, CPF, Cherry Blossoms, Westminster
    Sandi Sniff AIFD, AAF, CPF, Lafayette Florist
    Marketing Committee Chair, Ken Zutz, Design Master, Boulder

  • ~ Retail Membership Dues Structure Decreases in 2010
    by Debbie Grauberger, Debbee's Garden ~ FAR Bookkeeper

    First off, the FAR board would like to thank all our members for their support in 2009. Secondly the board has decided to suspend the tiered dues structure for 2010.

    All retailer and individual memberships for 2010 will be only $60.00!
    Associate Memberships will be $200.00 and Wholesale members will pay $300.00.

    The Board expressed a desire to support it's members with a lower dues structure during the current economic environment, and to welcome and encourage as many members of the Rocky Mountain floral community to join our association as we can.

    With that being said the time for membership renewal has come. We will be mailing the 2010 membership dues invoices later this month. Please pay by December 31st. You can also renew online with a credit card, just click here or go to the website and click on Application under the menu item Join Us.

    We have a lot of new and exciting events coming up in 2010 that will make your membership well worth it. We look forward to your participation and continued support.
    Questions? Please contact Debbie Grauberger, FAR Bookkeeper at 303.280.7141 or e-mail debbeesgarden@att.net.

  • ~ FAR seeks Administrator
    FAR is currently taking applications for an Administrator. The Board is looking for someone who is passionate about the floral industry, with a desire to use their administrative and people skills to assist our hardworking network of volunteers in the operational aspect of running FAR. Download the job description.
    If this describes you or someone you know, resumés are being accepted by FAR President Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF at denise@capellifloral.com through December 1, 2009.

  • ~ Palmer Flowers Revisits Past
    Congratulations to Spiro and Angela Palmer of Palmer Flowers in Ft. Collins. They recently expanded their business by purchasing Ft. Collins Floral.
    Click to read the article from the Coloradoan.

  • ~ FAR is on Facebook
    FAR now has a business page on Facebook. We urge all members who have Facebook accounts to become a fan by going to www.facebook.com/FloralAssociationoftheRockies and click on the become a fan button!

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