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  Volume 1, Edition 9                           News Buds                              December 2009

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Mary Ann Blood, Brighton
Robin Fischer, Denver
Denise Fuller, Castle Rock
Carmenn Lia, Arvada
Peggy Lipp, Windsor
Hunter Margolf, Boulder
Franklin Mera, Denver
Jerrica Park, Boulder
Peggy Roth, Parker
Randy Strakhoen, Montrose


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Current News Features:

  • ~ FAR Annual Dinner & Award Presentation to be held Jan 15th
    by Bea Blanc AIFD, CPF ~FlorEscence Occasions, Castle Rock ~

    Please consider joining other FAR members at our Annual Dinner and Award Presentations on Friday evening, January 15th, 2010, only two short weeks away. Registration information. It’s my personal favorite event of the year - an opportunity to relax in the company of fellow industry professionals, who have also become my friends. An opportunity to celebrate being in the floral industry - surely one of the world’s most wonderful professions. And an opportunity to honor some among us for their valued contributions to our Association and Industry.

    FAR has had an amazing first year as a floral association, with many highlights, most notably the coming together of retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, and freelancers to form a Rocky Mountain regional floral association.
    Of course, our area wholesalers and suppliers are the financial backbone of our association, and we are very indebted to them and appreciative of their unflagging support via advertising in Association publications, providing venues for events, and product, lots of product - Thank You!

    The Cherrie Award is presented annually to a member of the Rocky Mountain Floral Community for “Outstanding Service and Dedication to the Rocky Mountain Floral Industry.” The Cherrie Award was established by CRFA in 2003, and is named in honor of the founding President of CRFA, Cherrie Silverman AIFD, AAF, CPF. Past Recipients of the Cherrie Award are:

      2003 Cherrie Silverman AIFD AAF CPF, Cherry Blossoms, Westminster
      2004 Shirley Briggs, SB Inc, Westminster
      2005 Debbie Grauberger, Debbee’s Garden, Thornton
      2006 Sandi Sniff AIFD, AAF, CPF, Lafayette Florist, Lafayette
      2007 Ernie Schaefer, Richard, Seeley, and Shcaefger, Inc., Lakewood
      2008 Denise Fuller, Castle Rock Florist, Castle Rock

    The FAR President’s Award is presented by the current FAR President to a member of FAR who has shown exemplary service to FAR. Past recipients of this award are:

      2003 Samantha Anderson, Mulberries, Denver
      2004 Phillip Borrego, DWF, Denver
      2005 Lydia Homberger AIFD, Ed Moore Florist, Denver
      2006 Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF Capelli Floral and Photography, Denver
      2007 Angela Palmer AIFD, AAF, CPF Palmer Flowers, Palmer School of Floral Design, Ft. Collins
      2008 Maggie Binet AIFD, CPF, Le Jardin Binet, Englewood

    The Wholesaler Distinguished Service Award was established in 2008. The first recipient was Larry Hagan, DWF, Denver.

    The 2009 class of Certified Professional Florist will be honored and inducted during the evening.
    Please register by Monday morning, January 11th. Hope to see you there!

  • ~ FAR 2010 Membership Campaign
    by Mary Ann Blood, Petals and Pearls, Brighton   FAR Membership Chair

    If you are reading this, you know the benefits of belonging to the Floral Association of the Rockies! The FAR Membership Committee will be implementing their 2010 Membership Campaign in January. We are excited about taking the FAR message to new and non-member shops. FAR has a lot planned this year ~ hands-on design workshops featuring incredible local (but nationally known) floral designers and teachers, Design Competitions, Business Workshops, Floral Networking opportunities, and much more.

    The Membership Committee will begin visiting non-member shops in early January to extend a personal invitation to join FAR. We’ll bring a friendly face, and we’ll also have a printed informational flyer to hand out. The flyer will promote how FAR will impact their business if they take advantage of all the education opportunities that will be available in 2010. It will be comprised of photos of events and testimony from florists that want to tell how FAR has and is helping them. We saw good growth and commitment to improving the education for FAR members last year and know that it will continue to expand as we grow! We plan to visit shops all over the state and even surrounding states.

    At the end of January we will be sending out a “Thank you for your Renewal” membership letter that will include a window cling, membership card, and calendar of up coming events.

    The flyer and visitation form will be emailed to all who plan to visit the shops so they can print up what they will need. If you would like to participate in the FAR membership campaign (please!), email Debbie Grauberger, FAR Administrator, at debbeesgarden@att.net for the forms to be sent to you. Each FAR Membership committee member has pledged to visit 10 shops with other FAR Volunteers choosing what works for them. We will choose shops that have not renewed/joined by the end of December.
    We also will be at every FAR event in 2010 with membership forms and visiting with attendees about FAR. We have found that making personal contact is the most effective way of introducing FAR to new members. We hope with this plan we will double our initial participation from last year.

    Learn * Grow * Bloom with FAR in 2010!

  • ~ AIFD Regional Representative Praises FAR Website
    by BJ Dyer, AIFD, AAF, CPF   Bouquets, Denver

    On the AIFD national board of directors, I am the representative to the South Central region of AIFD, which includes the territory of FAR. For our quarterly national board meetings, one of my duties, like that of my fellow regional representatives, is to present a report of happenings that involve the AIFD members in our region.
    I have a number of people around the region reporting to me, but I must keep my ear to the pulse of the industry and keep notes during each quarter. I also go to the various floral association websites throughout our region, to glean any tidbits of information about AIFD members.
    As a member of the founding board of CRFA, which became FAR, I take pride in reporting this fact: The FAR website (floralassociationrockies.org) is more impressive, and “far” more up-to-date than any other website in our region. There isn’t a single one that is even close. It makes FAR look current, active, and digital. There are other websites that obviously made a big effort, but with a change in leadership, the website went fallow. Not FAR’s. It’s awesome, complete, interesting, alive, active. GREAT!

  • ~ SAF's Ultimate Floral Industry Supply Guide A Boon
    Most of us have at times wondered how and where to locate a particular product, or if the product we think we need even exists. SAF has addressed that issue with this amazing, all industry encompassing, “Ultimate” supply Guide. Check it out UltimateFloralIndustrySupplyGuide.com.
    Thanks, SAF!

  • ~ FAR Member Florists in Article by Carol O'Meara
    Carol O'Meara, local columnist and agent for CSU Extension interviewed three FAR florists (Arthur Williams CPF- Babylon Floral; Jerrica Parks CPF- Boulder Blooms; Sandi Sniff AIFD, AAF, CPF- Lafayette Florist) and featured them in her blog "Gardening after Five". Here's the link: Florists make your home decor a work of art.  The piece also ran as an article in the Longmont Times Call, Loveland Reporter Herald and the Boulder Camera.

    Carol's blog is on the FAR blog roll for easy access from our blog!

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