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CPF Recognizes the
Class of 2009:

Mary Ann Blood, Brighton
Robin Fischer, Denver
Denise Fuller, Castle Rock
Carmenn Lia, Arvada
Peggy Lipp, Windsor
Hunter Margolf, Boulder
Franklin Mera, Denver
Jerrica Park, Boulder
Peggy Roth, Parker
Randy Strakhoen, Montrose


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Current News Features:

  • ~ Johnson, Park, Blanc receive 2009 FAR Service Awards
    The 7th Annual Floral Association Annual Meeting and Award Dinner was held Friday evening, January 15th at the Arvada Center. 60 people enjoyed an evening of connecting with fellow industry professionals from Colorado. 2009 FAR President Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF presided over the evening, and the installation of 2010 President Denise Fuller CPF.
    2009 FAR President and 2010 FAR President
    2009 FAR President Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF (left) and 2010 FAR President Denise Fuller CPF

    A social hour was followed by a delicious buffet meal and the Annual Induction and Award Ceremony. The outgoing 2009 FAR Board of Directors were recognized. Retiring from the FAR Board were: Dave Smith, FTD; Heather Cross, Amatos; Bruce Daniels, Stevens and Son; and Chuck Johnson, Smithers-Oasis. The 2010 FAR Board of Directors were introduced, and are pictured below. 2010 FAR Board of Directors
    2010 FAR Board of Directors
    Back row from left to right: Rick Morissey- TF Rep, David Burkey- Arapahoe Floral, Jerrica Park CPF- Boulder Blooms, Phillip Borrego- DWF, Michael Kessler CPF- Emmily Griffith School, Denise Fuller CPF- Castle Rock Florist, Debbie Grauberger- DebBees Garden
    Front row left to right: Sandi Sniff AIFD,AAF,CPF- Lafayette Floral, Cherrie Silverman AIFD, AAF,CPF- Cherry Blossoms, Bea Blanc AIFD,CPF- FlorEscence Occasions, Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF- Capelli Floral, Mary Ann Blood CPF- Petals and Pearls
    Not pictured: Brad Golter- Longmont Floral, Ken Zutz- Design Master, Charles Martinez- Associated Wholesale, Cindy Hertz- Plant Ranch

    The following people received awards:
    Chuck Johnson AAF, recently retired from Smithers-Oasis, was awarded the FAR Wholesaler Award of Distinguished Service, honoring his more than 35 years of industry service locally and nationally. Chuck is a beloved floral industry icon, and FAR members are having trouble accepting that he is really retiring.

    Jerrica Park CPF, Boulder Blooms, a Gen Y’er who is already impacting FAR and the Colorado Floral Industry with her can-do attitude, was the recipient of the FAR Cherrie Award. Jerrica was an enthusiastic leader on the FAR Education Committee in 2009, and as 2010 Education Committee Chair, is already spearheading a great educational line up for the Rocky Mountain Region.

    Bea Blanc AIFD, CPF, FlorEscence Occasions, was honored by President Denise Capelli for her support and assistance with the President’s Award. Bea has served on the Board of Directors of CRFA and FAR since CRFA’s inception in 2002.

    FAR Award Winners
    Award Winners
    Left to right: Bea Blanc AIFD,CPF, Chuck Johnson AAF, and Jerrica Park CPF.

    Special guests attending the dinner included Denver area floriculture writer Carol O’Meara, the Ben Veldkamp family, Ed Conklin FTD Regional Vice President, and Cindy Anderson AIFD, winner of the 2009 Sylvia Cup. The silent auction, benefiting FAR Education Scholarships, raised $895.00. Centerpieces were donated by DWF, Steven & Sons, Amato Wholesale Florist, Capelli Floral, The Plant Ranch, Calabrese Greenhouse, and Emily Griffith School (Michael Kessler CPF). The Flowers for the presentation bouquets were donated by Lehrer's/Associated Wholesale and created by Charles Martinez.

  • ~ Ten Inducted into Certified Professional Florist Class of 2009
    “The CPF Program is one of only four in the country that is nationally recognized.” says Sandi Sniff AIFD CPF AAF, Lafeyette Florist, the chair of the FAR committee that administrates the Certified Professional Florist program. “We have inducted 19 people in the two years since we created the program. Even though it is a difficult program, we have a 100% passing rate so far. Our ‘Steps to Certification’ class is excellent, taught by two outstanding teachers - Maggie Binet AIFD CPF, and Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF.”

    Sniff spoke at the FAR Annual Award Dinner, prior to introducing the 2009 Class of CPF Inductees. She was especially proud of the level of professionalism and skill represented by the members of CPF.

    The Certified Professional Florist program is available to anyone who is interested, and is being promoted primarily in the Rocky Mountain Region. However, once certified, your certification is accepted nationally. The standards are rigorous, and annual education credits are required in order to be re-certified. The CPF team offers training and education to help you succeed. Please visit the CPF website CertifiedProfessionalFlorists.com for more information on this prestigious certification.
    CPF Class of 2009
    CPF Recipients for 2009:
    From left to right back row: Mary Ann Blood CPF, Peggy Lipps CPF, Denise Fuller CPF, Peggy Roth CPF, Jerrica Park CPF, Carmen Lia CPF
    Front row: Robin Fischer CPF, Franklin Mera CPF
    Not pictured: Hunter Margolf CPF, and Randy Strakbein CPF

  • ~ Grauberger Accepts Position as FAR Administrator
    Debbie Grauberger, co-owner and manager of DebBees Garden in Thornton, Colorado, has accepted the position as FAR Administrator, effective January 1, 2010.

    “Debbie brings a wealth of local floral industry knowledge and connections to the FAR Administrator Position. She is well-liked and respected by all who have had the opportunity to work with her. She has a tremendous work ethic, I don’t know how she get’s it all done, but she does, and everything is done well. Debbie is organized, professional, and soft-spoken. FAR is privileged to have her as our new Administrator,” said 2009 FAR President Denise Capelli AIFD, CPF, who chaired the Administrator search committee.

    As FAR Administrator, Grauberger will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of FAR, and assisting the Officers, Board of Directors, and Committees in accomplishing their duties and goals.

    DebBees Garden was established by Grauberger and her mother, Neva Lenhardt in 1998; and Debbie has been actively involved in the Colorado Floral Industry practically ever since. She has volunteered both with the Floral Association and with the Teleflora Rocky Mountain Unit. Her volunteer duties included serving as Secretary Treasurer of both Associations for several years. Most recently Debbie has been on the FAR staff as bookkeeper.

    Grauberger is married to Mike of 25 years, and has a son, Stephen, age 21. She is an accomplished floral designer. She has received the Certificate of Achievement from the Rocky Mountain Unit of Teleflora for outstanding service as Treasurer, and the Cherrie Award from CRFA for outstanding service to the floral community. Her hobbies include reading, crocheting, and diving. Grauberger describes herself as “a fast learner, self starter, detail oriented person - who holds my and my employee’s work ethics to a high standard.”

    Debbie Grauberger and Family
    Debbie Grauberger (center) with son Stephen and husband Mike.

    “I would like to thank the Board for giving me the opportunity to help mold FAR into a nationally respected Association. With the help of all the dedicated florists I feel we can make FAR bloom this year. " Grauberger said when interviewed for this article.

  • ~ FAR 2010
    by Denise Fuller CPF,Castle Rock Florist, President FAR 2010

    Hello to all,
    This is indeed going to be a full and busy year for FAR!!! We have an incredible calender of events and we are adding more all the time. FAR will be having great roundtables on labor costs and affordable marketing. Delivery charges....covering cost or making a profit??? Wonderful workshops for beginner and advanced designers. We are adding consumer education tools for the florists. We are all hoping for better times this year, let's help each other stay strong and positive. I am so proud to belong to the floral community. Even with the hard work and long hours, we are fortunate to work with such beauty and be given a chance to make a difference in someone's day. Stop, take a deep breath, and look at the wonderful flowers.
    I wish all of you well for 2010.

  • ~ Tournament of Roses Parade 2010
    by Cherrie Silverman AIFD, AAF, CPF Cherry Blossoms Westminster, CO

    This years Rose Bowl Parade theme was "A Cut Above the Rest".

    I have had the privilege of working for Fiesta Parade Floats as a staff designer for the last decade, having done the florals for the Macy's float for the last five years. The Macy's float is for the Tournament Queen and her entourage to ride on during the parade.
    I basically do the flower arrangements that are on the float by myself. I know every nook and cranny. It's a big poof of roses.

    Cherrie Silverman AIFD, AAF, CPF                            Rainbird FloatCherrie Silverman with Queens Float
    Rainbird Float
                            Below: Queen's Float
    Queens Float

    Fiesta is a wonderful company to work for and we have captured the highest award given for the last 17 consecutive years, which is known as the "Sweepstakes" Award. Jim Hynd AIFD is the florist that composes the recipes for the floral work. His knowledge and patience is unsurpassed. Lisa Weddel AIFD, from Highlands Ranch, has worked at the parade longer than I. She has been the head floral designer for the Rainbird Float, also part of Fiesta Parade Floats, which captured Sweepstakes this year and last.

    Even thought it is extremely hard work, the rewards and joy of the finished product make it well worth all the hard work and efforts. You can check out the Cherry Blossoms Florist Facebook page to see an extensive gallery of pictures of the process. www.facebook.com/CherryBlossomsFlorist

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