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  Volume 6, Edition 1                           News Buds                                      2014 Recap

Welcome to our new

2015 Board of Directors

Molly Hoelscher - Red Mountain Wholesale
Michele Gustin - Albertsons
Carina Aguilar- Brown Palace

If you are interested in serving on the FAR Board of Directors, please contact
Gia Vasey [email protected]

Debbie Grauberger [email protected]

Or Call 303.280.7141

New Floral School

Next time you are at DWF make sure to stop in and see the new Floral School.
Maggie Binet AIFD, CPF, PFCI has opened a new floral school.

The School of Floral Arts LLC
4800 Dahlia St.
Denver, CO 80216

[email protected]


Congratulations Maggie!

Custom Designed
Floral Sign for Sale

(All Weather)
Size: 8’x27”
Materials: Painted aluminum backing with heavy duty outdoor grade white plastic lettering. Rear mounting pegs for flush wall mounting or slightly raised mount.
Sign was custom designed by Freeman Signs, Denver, CO for outdoor use on a retail store front.
We have photos of original use on store front.
Asking Price $500.00
(Original Price $1000.00+)

floral sign for sale

Contact Denise Capelli at [email protected]

FAR Member Dues

It's FAR member renewal time again. Please look for your invoice in your email the first part of January.
Thank you to all our members that make this organization happen!!

If you are not a member and would like to be, please contact Debbie Grauberger at [email protected] or call 303.280.7141

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AIFD Symposium sign
A special invitation to
The 2015 AIFD Symposium
which will be in Denver
June 30 to July 4, 2015.

Be sure to put Symposium on your calendar! It will be amazing!!!!!

Upcoming Events:

  • Jan 28 ~   Bling Ca-Ching Workshop
  • From FAR web site: ~   More Regional Events
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2014 Year in Review

  • ~ 2014 Rocky Mountain Cup

    The annual Rocky Mountain Cup was held at Amato Wholesale Florist this past April.   The contestants were given the same materials and asked to design 3 floral pieces.  The first was a piece to include vintage purses that were given to them.  The second piece was for a chair or pew appropriate for use in a historical chapel.  The last piece was to be designed for the entrance to the chapel; whether it be hung on the doors or set on the ground.

    2014 RMC Entry

    We again had two divisions--the regular Rocky Mountain Cup and the Rookie division.

    The winner of the RMC was Tricia Fillingam AIFD
    2nd place went to Gloria Guerrero, Ed Moore Florist
    3rd place went to Thomas Carpenter, Catering by Design

    2014 RMC

    The winner of the Rookie division was Kaitlyn Vigil, Abloom
    2nd place went to Stephanie Wearne, De'Angelic Rose
    3rd Place went to Autumn McMurren, Bouquets

    The RMC winner Tricia Fillingam AIFD, will go on to compete in the NAFA competition this fall to represent the state of Colorado.

    2014 floral purse

    See more pictures from the 2014 RMC on the Gallery page.

  • ~ DWF Open House

    The Open House at DWF in conjunction with FAR was a great success, with a large turnout and a busy schedule of events! With hands on design stations, floral stage programs and a bevy of vendors, there was something for all to see and spend time enjoying.
    As always everyone at DWF were gracious hosts providing supply specials and numerous cut flower prebook specials. It was an opportunity to meet new people and gain some wonderful updates and new techniques. A huge thank you to all the wonderful FAR volunteers who manned all stations, check in etc. to bring our community education!
    THANK YOU DWF for providing so much... (food) hospitality and your continued commitment to this incredible floral community.

  • ~Rocky Mountain Floral Expo - Round Up  
    by Maggie Binet AIFD, CPF, PFCI - 2014 Expo Chair

    floral expo 2014

    The Expo was a huge success! Over 260 floral businesses came, plus many people attended as guests of the Floral Association. We renewed long time friendships and started new ones. 25 booths of exhibitors created wonderful displays to energize our creativity. And speaking of energy – according to the Mart, the Floral Expo was the high energy of the whole Gift Show!

    So many people worked together to make the 2014 Expo fabulous! Lots of “thanks” are in order.

    As we entered the Expo, the Bridal Bouquet Contest showed many new design techniques, flower combinations and unique looks. Thank you to Tricia Fillingim AIFD, CFD for chairing the competition and for bringing together the most designers to compete in many years. Thank you, also, to the three great judges who took on the difficult task of evaluating what was presented to them.
    Bridal Bouquet Contest Winners:
    Professional Division
    1st Place- Amber Schroeder
    2nd Place- Kari Smith
    3rd Place- Charles Martinez

    Masters Division
    1st Place- Marcy Kennedy
    2nd Place- BJ Dyer
    3rd Place- Amy Santee

    Our Iron Fist Contest was again MC’ed by Brian Wheat AAF, PFCI. What Fun! Thank you to Brian and our three contestants. And, thank you to Denise Fuller CPF for putting the contest together.

    Julie Poeltler AIFD, CFD, PFCI was our morning guest designer sent to us by Teleflora. She showed so many design ideas to jazz up our daily designs. Thank you to Sandi Sniff AAF, AIFD, CPF for putting Julie’s coordinating.

    Tom Bowling AIFD, CFD, PFCI came to us from Syndicate Sales. What an amazing number of designs he shared. The new Syndicate Sales products, the styles and the flowers were all luscious.

    Our program and décor flowers were provided by Amato Wholesale, Associated Wholesale, DWF and Red Mountain Wholesale Florists. Thank you for your wonderful product for the Expo and all year long.

    Thank you to Debbie Grauberger CPF for organizing and working the FAR table. And, thanks to Sandi Sniff for providing an exciting design for the AIFD table.

    Our volunteers were coordinated by Michele Gustin CPF. Lots of people said “where can I help” and wow they sure helped. Thank you to David Woods, Brie McPherren CPF (newly inducted), Sherrilyn Roundy, and of course to our Mme President Gia Vasey to name a few.

    We inducted 3 new Certified Professional Florists (CPFs) at the Expo. Congratulations!!!!! And thank you to Sandi Sniff AAF, AIFD, CPF for creating and managing the Association’s CPF program.

    The FAR President, Wholesale and Cherrie award winners for 2013 and 2014 were:

    2013 President Award Cindy Hertz
    2014 President Award Denise Fuller CPF
    2013 Cherrie Award Amanda Caudill
    2014 Cherrie Award Ken Zutz
    2013 Wholesale Award Calabrese Greenhouse
    2014 Wholesale Award Syndicate Sales

    floral expo picture

    Special recognition award went to Denise Fuller CPF for taking over the Presidency in 2013 after Mary Ann Blood passed away, and for all her hard work and dedication that she has given over the past few years.

    You have probably noticed lots of letters after people’s names. Addendum initials show your experience, your professionalism and your commitment to the industry. You can get your CPF through the Floral Association of the Rockies. We offer classes to prepare you for evaluation. Classes are held several times each year. Come join us for “Steps to Certification Classes” and become a CPF. We would love to CELEBRATE YOU!

    Lots more pictures in the FAR Picasa Album.

  • ~ Red Mountain Event with E. Frank Dowling III & Sherrilyn Roundy

    During the morning session Frank and Sherrilyn showed us Halloween, Fall and Christmas décor. Frank gave tips on decorating houses and events for the holiday seasons. Sherrilyn showed us quick and easy designs to make for our customers for the holiday season.

    The afternoon session was a hands-on class were you could either make a Thanksgiving or Christmas wreaths with succulents.

    Thank you to Red Mountain for hosting this event.

  • ~ HOW TO ... By Susie Carr AIFD
    Supplies for a quick and easy wristlet.
    How to supplies
    Slap stick wristlet, #30 wire, corsage tape, floral glue, ribbon, thin cylinder vase, pittisporum leaves, 2 gerbera daisy, wax flower.  (The vase will give you a base to work on.)
    how to pic1st attach a taped wire to the plastic part of the wristlet by going under and bringing the wire up through the holes on either side and twist off. 

    how to pic 3
    2nd make a bow without a center loop and attach to the wristlet with the wire. 
    3rd glue leaves in and around the bow. 

    how to pic 4 4th glue gerbs on making one low and overlap the other to provide depth, then glue in wax flower, spray with sealant to finish.
    how to pic 5