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  Volume 6, Edition 4                           News Buds                                      Oct 2015

2015 Board of Directors

Molly Hoelscher - Red Mountain Wholesale
Michele Gustin - Albertsons
Carina Aguilar- Brown Palace

If you are interested in serving on the FAR Board of Directors, please contact
Gia Vasey [email protected]

Debbie Grauberger [email protected]

Or Call 303.280.7141

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If you are not a member and would like to be, please contact Debbie Grauberger at [email protected] or call 303.280.7141

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  • To add your event to the FAR calendar contact Debbie Grauberger
    Email or call 303.280.7141.

2015 3rd Quarter Review

  • ~2015 Rocky Mountain Floral Expo Round up
    Maggie Binet AIFD, CPF, PFCI – 2014 Expo Chair

    Hooray for a successful Expo - again! Over 200 floral businesses registered with The Mart, plus many people attended as guests of the Floral Association. We renewed long time friendships and started new ones. Exhibitors created wonderful displays to energize our creativity. And speaking of energy – according to the Mart, the Floral Expo was the high energy of the whole Gift Show! So many people worked together to make the 2015 Expo fabulous! Lots of “thanks” are in order.

    The Bridal Bouquet Contest was set up as we entered the Floral Expo area. Many new design techniques, flower combinations and unique looks made us walk through several times. Thank you to Tricia Fillingim AIFD, CFD for chairing the competition and for bringing together so many designers to compete. Thank you, also, to our three great judges who took on the difficult task of evaluating what was presented to them. Denise Fuller CPF, Bill Hattel CFD, and Thaddeus Servantez CFD (soon to be AIFD) you all did a great job. Thanks to Debbie Grauberger CPF for your help with tallying scores. Congratulations to all who joined in!

    The next very exciting part of the Expo was our Exhibitors – in the order of their booths:

    • Associated Wholesale
    • The Plant Ranch
    • The School of Floral Arts
    • Design Master Color Tool
    • DWF
    • BloomNet
    • Amato’s Wholesale
    • FTD
    • Red Mountain Wholesale
    • Syndicate Sales
    • Teleflora

    syndicate sales exhibit table

    plant ranch exhibit
    John Hosek AIFD, CFD, PFCI was our morning guest designer sent to us by Teleflora. He presented so many design ideas showing inspirations from around the world. Thank you to Sandi Yoshihara AAF, AIFD, CPF for coordinating John’s program.

    class at floral expo Tom Bowling AIFD, CFD, PFCI came to us from Syndicate Sales for our afternoon design program. What an amazing variety of designs he shared. The new Syndicate Sales products, the styles and the flowers were all luscious.

    Thank you to our amazing floral wholesalers for your support and contributions of flowers and hard goods to make our stage programs so wonderful. In alphabetical order: Amato’s Wholesale, Associated Wholesale, DWF and Red Mountain Wholesale – you all went above and beyond!

    And thanks to Brie McPherren CPF for helping our stage designers

    At lunch time, Ernie Schaefer of Richards Seeley and Schaefer Insurance presented important information about business insurance. He included – Who needs insurance? What kind of insurance? Why get insurance? and, Where to get business insurance. Ernie, you were great.

    First time ever – we had a hands-on workshop on Saturday before the Expo. Tom Bowling presented the class on event décor using fun stacks of containers towering with flowers. Robin Fisher brought several friends to help prep for his class.

    Thank you to Gia Vasey CPF (President of The Floral Association of the Rockies) for organizing and working the FAR table. And thank you to Peggy Lipps CFD (soon to be AIFD) who put together the AIFD information table.

    Our volunteers were coordinated by Michele Gustin CPF. Lots of people said “where can I help” and wow they sure helped. Sherrilyn Roundy CFD coordinated our auction tables.

    people looking at display at floral expo
    And thank you to our sponsors who also contributed even though they were not exhibitors:
    • Flower Shop Network
    • Florists’ Review Bookstore
    • Clauss Tools
    • Mary Elizabeth Photography

    Bridal Competition winners
    Congratulations to our winners, and great job to all who participated in the competition, we had another year of great designs!

    1st place - Amber Schroeder

    1st place - Lisa Weddel AIFD
    2nd place - Kari Smith
    3rd place - Janet Killian

    Amber Schroeder
        Amber Schroeder Lisa Weddel AIFD

    Kari SmithJanet Killian
        Kari Smith Janet Killian

    ***You have probably noticed lots of letters after people’s names. Addendum initials show your experience, your professionalism and your commitment to the industry. You can get your CPF through the Floral Association of the Rockies. We offer classes to prepare you for evaluation. Classes are held several times each year. Come join us for “Steps to Certification Classes” and become a CPF. We would love to CELEBRATE YOU!


    Best wishes on your new adventure in the Peace Corps in the Ukraine.
    Hugs, and looking forward to seeing you back again soon !